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The View from Southend Pier

Southend Pier Photo by Spiral White 

I’m revisiting a previous post from a few years ago. It’s about #Southend on Sea on the Thames Estuary in Essex.

It’s a British seaside resort with an adventure playground, sandy beach, parks, gardens, shops, library and restaurants. 

For me; Southends main attraction is the pier, which is the longest pleasure pier in the world, at 1.3 miles long.

Fishing boat Photo by Spiral White 

The pier was opened to the public in 1830 and started out at 600 feet long. The pier was originally designed to allow tourist boats to disembark, from London.

As it was deemed too short for this purpose it was extended to 7000 feet by 1848. This distance ensured that it was the longest pier in Europe and would attract plenty of visitors.

A mini train track was laid on the pier and a service for passengers operates every day the pier is open, to and from the promenade.

The Kursaal Photo by Spiral White 

The Kursaal was one of the worlds first amusement parks. It was opened in 1901 and is a Grade II listed building.

The building was designed by Campbell Sherrin and was constructed with a huge dome.

It started out as a huge fairground and then a zoo was added. Nowadays it’s been converted into a bowling alley, a casino and an amusement arcade.

FSCN4235 (1)
Sailing boat Photo by Spiral White

We had a great day out in Southend and walked along the pier stopping for tea and biscuits in the cafe used to film Jamie and Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast, TV series.

The pier has been used in a number of films, adverts and TV programs including Minder in the ending credits.

Looking towards Southend Photo by Spiral White 

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Photo by Spiral White


Could I be dreaming?

Flying high in the blue sky 

Drifting over clouds

#haiku #hailutexts

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On this #Earth Day…What does the future look like for us?

earth desert dry hot
Photo by Pixabay on

Our carbon footprint and the damage we are causing to the environment has been publicised widely.

Over the last few summer’s it has been difficult for me to manage with wildly fluctuating temperatures, here in the UK. (If you don’t follow me, I have fibromyalgia.)

It’s been so hot in the UK temperatures have broken all previous records. 

On this Earth day, a celebration of all the wonderful natural resources we have; I have some questions for you to think about.

Why is it hotter in the UK year on year now, much more than I can remember in my lifetime?

Why are the records for heat constantly being broken in the UK?

I don’t think you have to look far to find answers to these questions:

A comprehensive answer can be viewed on the Greenpeace website.

“It’s the use of fossil fuels – coal, oil and gas– that’s the main problem. Burning them has released carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases which were locked deep within the Earth. Because of this, the amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere has rocketed. It’s now at levels not seen in millions of years, before humans even existed. Carbon dioxide traps heat from the sun and as a result our planet is now warming fast. 

The UK’s top ten warmest years have occurred since 2002, and this trend is set to continue.”

planet earth close up photo
Photo by Pixabay on

Climate change is happening now 

It’s a crisis facing the whole world

For us and future generations

We can do something now

By making changes to how we live

climate cold glacier iceberg
Photo by Jaymantri on

What can we do to help reduce our carbon emissions?

Have a look at this UN Carbon Footprint calculator.

What have I done?

I drive a hybrid car.

I’ve changed my energy tariff for a green energy deal.

I’ve stopped using plastic bottles for my water drinks and use a recyclable bottle.

I leave you with this question to think about….

What could you do to change your carbon footprint?

For more ideas have a look at the following links:

Friends of the Earth UK

Greenpeace UK

If we all something now we can all look forward to a better future…

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Walking around… Cambridge

JPEG image 4
Cambridge Photo by Spiral White

I’m revisiting a previous post this week from before the pandemic, to Cambridge, England.

I discovered some quaint streets and alleyways on my way to Kings College.

What can I tell you about Cambridge?

It’s on the tourist map as one of the most visited places in Britain.

It’s  famous for its University Kings College, Chapel and Choir. On Christmas Eve every year a service of Nine lessons and Carols is broadcast.

JPEG image 7
Cam River Photo by Spiral White 

The River Cam runs through Cambridge.

Students earn some extra cash by hiring out small boats called “punts”and punting visitors along the river.

On a summers day the river is a colourful mass of punts.

JPEG image 6
The Backs, Cambridge Photo by Spiral White 

Walking into the town centre through “the backs” by the river.

A variety of Spring flowers cover the banks. First with snow drops, then daffodils and bluebells.

JPEG image 12

As I reach the city centre Gothic architecture surrounds me.
For more information about Cambridge have a look at the Visit Britain website
Check before setting out local COVID restrictions.