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Fibromyalgia cure…someday?

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I had a strange thought today…. What would it feel like to be completely cured of fibromyalgia?  

In a fleeting moment of feeling better I started to imagine how different my life might be…..

I could do any job, I choose without feeling tired, and aching.  I could be a landscape garden designer, maybe doing a show garden for the Chelsea flower show.

Travel to places I can only dream about.  Visit New York and see the Statue is Liberty would be amazing.

Eat whatever I want without it making me feel ill and incredibly tired. Go to a restaurant in the evening and eat a Mexican meal.

Take up proper exercise; perhaps running and train to complete the London marathon.

The possibilities are unlimited and mind-boggling.  Probably similar to the feeling lottery winners experience.

If you are reading this and don’t have fibromyalgia you’re probably thinking. These aspirations could be within my grasp.  I agree they are for you, but for us Fibro sufferers not so. 

So far fibromyalgia has no cure. We will live our lives never experiencing things most people take for granted every day.

We cannot plan; we don’t know how our illness will be on a particular day.  All of these aspirations are not possible for us.  We end up feeling bad because we’re not able to participate. Or are letting others down as we are not well and cancel at short notice. Resulting in a lot of negative feelings, making us feel even worse.

I’m not going to descend further into a spiral of doom; as you will stop reading this.

Going back to the dream of what might’ve been, keeping the positives of hope, optimism and excitement I was able to feel. Carrying those thoughts and feelings forward into the future.

What if scientists found a cure for fibromyalgia tomorrow? Yes, I could do everything I mentioned above if I wanted. Being realistic it’s not that likely, so what’s left?

Having a goal, to work towards is important for me. Something to plan for and look forward to in the future. 

To be relevant goals should be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time limited; according to a friend. This sounds very business like, so I would suggest this format could be used very loosely.

My top five goals are:

1. Keep a positive attitude to all things; having  a positive mental attitude and planning to do things within my capabilities.

2.  To look at situations in an objective way; looking objectively at what is possible and building on this.

3.  Take care of myself by exercising regularly, eating a healthy diet and trying to get enough rest and sleep.

4.  Learning a new skill or taking up a new hobby is a really good way to feel a sense of achievement.

5.  Daily meditation practice for de stressing the mind.

To kick-start this positive frame of mind, I practice  Meditation  every day.  If you have not tried meditation, it’s a great way to free the mind from stress.  If you practice regularly you will notice you’re ability to concentrate and remain calm increases. If you want to learn Meditation  have a look at my page on this.

What are your aspirations for the future? I would be interested to hear your thoughts on this.

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