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For Remembrance Sunday I have written a poem inspired by accounts I have heard of the First World War called…

The Poppy Field 


In front of me stands 

A windswept land

Scattered with flashes of red 

Brightly coloured flowers

Pepper a lush green field

Their heads rocking to and fro


What secrets they know

Lying beneath the soil

Of brave heroes never to return

Their tortured souls

At last, at rest

Now a strangely peaceful sight


How can we begin

To ever imagine

What they endured

Relentlessly in battle

Only be humbled by their sacrifice

In this foreign far away land

by Nick 

2 thoughts on “Remembrance….”

  1. Your Grandfather fought on those battlefields, and though wounded and gassed twice he eventually returned home.
    Or you and I would not be here!


    1. Thanks for your message JC. He died before I was born, so I never met my grandfather but from the stories I have heard about him he was a very tough man to survive this. A great man like the others that never returned.


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