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Over to you…

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An alternative post this week to my usual ones. After talking to friends recently, saying they’re bored and there’s nothing to do at the moment; it got me thinking.

It would be interesting to start a series of posts with two or more versions of a story.

How will this work?

I’m enlisting your help in writing a story, poem or description,

in no more than 150 words in total.

I will publish each one in a themed post on my site over the next few weeks. (Subject to work being suitable for publication, is not offensive, abusive and does not contravene any laws in any way.)

I will also write something for each theme and hopefully there will be a number of writing styles to compare.
Please send in work by the date listed with a written note giving me permission to publish your item on my site. I look forward to reading your work and letting others share your amazing stories.

So here are my writing prompts for a short story, poem or description. 

Week 1

To be published on 4th June, please send in by 2nd June

A deserted house sits at the corner of the street. It’s been vacant for years, no one goes in, no one comes out. What’s the story? 

Week 2

To be published on 11th June, please send in by 9th June

Think back to your childhood days and recall a memory of something that made a firm impression on you.

Week 3

To be published on 18th June, please send in by 16th June

Opening up a box of chocolates and selecting a favourite one. Describe why you selected it.

Week 4

To be published on 25th June, please send in by 23rd June

Shut your eyes and imagine your drifting along in a boat. Where are you going to? What places have you seen on your journey? 

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The clock flower

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The Clock Flower

One puff,

Two puffs,

Three or more

How many breaths

To find the hour?


Fluffy globe

Like flower

Your seeds

Float effortlessly

Through the air


Four puffs

Five puffs

Six, surely no more?

Now I know

The Secret hour…

Poem by Nick

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