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Meditative Journey

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We’ve reached my fourth and last writing prompt of this series. It’s been a useful exercise and helped me focus on different subjects.  The highlight was Childhood Memories post by JC, of life during the London Blitz in WWII.

 For my last week, I hope to capture some of the peace I try to achieve with my daily meditation practice. I’ve always wanted to try writing poetry for meditation; with this in mind, I thought it would be an interesting twist for my final week using writing prompts.

My prompt this week is,

Shut your eyes and imagine your drifting along in a boat. Where are you going to? What places have you seen on your journey? 

I’ve always been interested in Meditation and Mindfulness and I try to practice daily. You could use my poem to aid your meditation practice with the use of imagery.

💦 Meditative Journey On Water 💦 


Drifting through the water

It feels light to touch

As my boat swims along


Fluffy tufts of wispy 

Brilliant white cloud 

Reflect in the cool water


Distorted shapes contort

Whilst my boat glides through

Forming striking aqua tones 


My adventure is surreal 

Just floating dreamily 

In watery surrounds 


Natures birdsong captures

The peace I seek 

With a light airy feel


Poem by Nick 


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Favourite flavours

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If your new to my site. I have been working with a variety of writing prompts over the last few weeks. It’s week 3 and this week I’ve been thinking about flavours. I’ve written two poems, my first poem It’s Just?… is based on the prompt below. My second poem is more about memories related to a particular flavour.

Opening up a box of chocolates and selecting a favourite one. Describe why you selected it.

It’s Just?…


My chocolate 


Which one

Is best

Should it


Soft centred 




Hard brittle 


Or maybe 

It’s the only 


I would choose 

A whole box 


Just Strawberry!

Poem by Nick


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Taste of summer 

I remember 

A sunny afternoon 


Strawberry picking fields





Red berry fruit


Juicy and sweet 

I see

Overhead swifts fly


In the sky


I head home 

To make jam

In a preserving pan


Are cooking well


Jam sugar added

And finally

A lingering sweet 



In the light air

Poem by Nick

If you would like to join me in writing a story, poem or descriptionthere’s still time to have a go using the writing prompt belowin no more than 150 words in total.

I will publish each one in a themed post on my site next week. (Subject to work being suitable for publication, is not offensive, abusive and does not contravene any laws in any way.)

I will also write something for each theme and hopefully there will be a number of writing styles to compare. 
Please send in work by the date listed with a written note giving me permission to publish your item on my site. I look forward to reading your work and letting others share your amazing stories.

So here is my writing prompt for a short story, poem or description. 

Week 4 

To be published on 25th June, please send in by 23rd June

Shut your eyes and imagine your drifting along in a boat. Where are you going to? What places have you seen on your journey?