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Secrets inside a Deserted House

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Following on from last weeks launch of my writing prompt posts; I will make a start with the first prompt, which was;

A deserted house sits at the corner of the street. It’s been vacant for years, no one goes in, no one comes out. What’s the story? (approx 150 words)

Secrets inside a deserted house

Through a hole in the rickety fence, I see an overgrown mass of weeds. I clamber through them to a huge wooden door. As I approach I can see it’s open and inside a large oak table is covered in a thick layer of dust.

A creaky floorboard moves as I walk across it and I briefly glance at the floor. Below where I am stood, I notice a door partially hidden in the floor. It looks like someone was disturbed when they were shutting it, as it’s been left slightly open. 

I sit for a moment thinking about the house I’m in.  It’s been empty for years now; I’ve never seen anyone go in or out. If I go through the door, could I become one of the forgotten souls? Lifting the door carefully I look inside. It’s completely black. I climb into the darkness and I’m gone!… 

I hope you enjoyed my short story this week.

If you would like to join me over the next few weeks, your writing can be a short story, poem or descriptionin no more than 150 words in total.

I will publish each one in a themed post on my site over the next few weeks. (Subject to work being suitable for publication, is not offensive, abusive and does not contravene any laws in any way.)

I will also write something for each theme and hopefully there will be a number of writing styles to compare. 
Please send in work by the date listed with a written note giving me permission to publish your item on my site. I look forward to reading your work and letting others share your amazing stories.

So here are my writing prompts for a short story, poem or description. 

Week 2 

To be published on 11th June, please send in by 9th June

Think back to your childhood days and recall a memory of something that made a firm impression on you. 

Week 3 

To be published on 18th June, please send in by 16th June

Opening up a box of chocolates and selecting a favourite one. Describe why you selected it.

Week 4 

To be published on 25th June, please send in by 23rd June

Shut your eyes and imagine your drifting along in a boat. Where are you going to? What places have you seen on your journey?