Childhood Memories

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I’m continuing with my writing prompts for week two. Thinking back to childhood days and recalling a memory that made a firm impression. I’m really pleased to have received an amazing childhood memory, a first hand account of life during the war years…

It was October 1940 during the London Blitz and I lived in a street which does not exist anymore off Lodge Lane, North Finchley N12. The house where I lived with my parents and siblings was in a street of 20 houses (10 on one side and 10 on the other) it was a Cul de Sac with a brick wall at the end. A wicket consisting of three stumps and a set of balls was painted on the wall. We had great fun playing cricket, with a tennis ball bowled against the “wicket”.

My childhood memory is…

We had finished our evening meal, and I was sitting by our tiny fire on one side and listening to the radio on the other side, when the radio suddenly switched itself off, and almost immediately the public air raid warning could be heard.

I was 10 years old and the siren did not worry me much as I had heard it plenty of times previously, but what I also heard was the sound of aircraft engines almost overhead then there was a whistling sound as I realised that the aircraft had dropped a number of bombs, then a most enormous bang and our windows which fortunately were covered in wooden shutters were bombarded by mud from the crater caused by the exploding bombs, one of which landed on my school – about 150 yards away and others landed a little further away.
Account by JC.

Thanks to JC for sending me this to print, I’m sure your vivid memory, must of been a frightening experience to have as a child, but a gripping one for us to read about. Nick


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I think some of our most vivid memories can be formed around the taste of something. I was reminiscing recently about desserts I remember having as a child. Over time our taste for food changes as my poem this week illustrates.


Desserts past and present 


Artic roll

Sponge fingers

Rhubarb and custard



Ice cream blocks in between wafers…

These are a few of my most hated desserts 🍨🧁 🍮 


Yum! Yum!


Elton mess

Pear and ginger yogurt 



Strawberries and Ice cream with meringues

Some of my most loved desserts 🍧🥮🍓

Poem by Nick

If you would like to join me in writing a story, poem or description, there’s still time to have a go using the writing prompts below; in no more than 150 words in total.

I will publish each one in a themed post on my site over the next few weeks. (Subject to work being suitable for publication, is not offensive, abusive and does not contravene any laws in any way.)

I will also write something for each theme and hopefully there will be a number of writing styles to compare. 
Please send in work by the date listed with a written note giving me permission to publish your item on my site. I look forward to reading your work and letting others share your amazing stories.

So here are my writing prompts for a short story, poem or description. 

Week 3 

To be published on 18th June, please send in by 16th June

Opening up a box of chocolates and selecting a favourite one. Describe why you selected it.

Week 4 

To be published on 25th June, please send in by 23rd June

Shut your eyes and imagine your drifting along in a boat. Where are you going to? What places have you seen on your journey?