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In with the #new!

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In with the #new!

This week, I’m looking to the future and whatever it may have in store.  Looking at things in a positive way is something that’s always been important to me when writing my posts. Having a positive outlook on life is not always easy but it’s really important in difficult times like the present.  

I know there are lot’s of people out there, who are really frightened about leaving their house and going out..

I’ve written a new poem to reflect our very troubled times. The title could be viewed as misleading; although I think we are all looking to the future at the moment and hoping for some more productive times ahead.

A new direction  –  to our future…

But where are we heading?

How to start?

Or where are we going?

Have we lost direction?

Too many things happening

Nothing is the same now

No one listens anymore 

But, did they ever, though?

Or learns, from past mistakes 

What is the future now?

Trapped inside this spiral world

A first step forward 

Is now

Don’t look back…

Poem by Spiral-White