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Listening to music šŸŽ¶

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Can help your #mental health by stimulating your brain. 

This week Iā€™m exploring the benefits of regularly listening to music and related health advantages in more detail…

We are all familiar with listening to music that we enjoy to help us relax.

But music also has the ability to reach out to you in other ways.

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Research suggests that you can keep your brain cells young by regularly listening to music. 

It could be singing, playing or interacting with music.  

Some of the benefits include sharper memory, better mood and mental awareness.
Improved quality of sleep, lower blood pressure, anxiety levels and reduced pain perception.

Stretching our memory

The type of music we listen to can trigger our memory and transport us back to a moment in time we had forgotten about. Perhaps travelling along in a car we once had listening to the radio. Or a particular song may help you recall a past event.

Exploring music choices 

Discovering a new group or a new album from an artist your already familiar with can widen your knowledge. So many of us like to listen to the same music over again. Listening to unfamiliar tracks encourages the brain to work a bit harder and find even more enjoyable tracks.  

I listen to the radio quite a bit and settle on a particular genre but find Iā€™m constantly introduced to a variety of old and new music.

Take up a new hobby 

Recent research has found that adults that start to learn a instrument; like the guitar, can find their problem solving skills and memory improve.  Over time their attention span and mood improves. This will help their long term mental health.

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