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It’s #Easter almost!

Daffodils in woodland by Spiral White


A new beginning

Looking forward; don’t look back

See a better time…

It’s Easter and a time to celebrate new life and new beginnings; perhaps by reflecting on the events of the past year.

We will all have good and bad recollections of the year. 

But now that spring has arrived; a more positive feeling is here.

A symbol of spring and new life is the daffodil.  Seeing masses of daffodils stretching out into the distance whilst out walking through a park is truly inspiring.  Here are some of my photos from recent walks nearby. 

If you don’t live near a park, I’ve found a brilliant website with amazing virtual garden visits you can look at from the comfort of your armchair, whilst munching on your chocolate eggs!

It’s the National Garden Scheme they provide visitors access to private gardens in England and Wales and raise money for nursing and health charities with admission charges, tea and cake. Take a look at the following link for more details…

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Tell me about the power of #flowers…

Photo by Kristina Paukshtite on

It’s the run up to probably the biggest day for flower seller’s during the year. 

It’s Mother’s Day and dozens of flowers are starting to take centre stage in ads everywhere.  

I worked in a florists some time ago and remember the bustling atmosphere of customers and bunches of fresh smelling flowers leaving the shop on Mother’s Day.

But beyond all the commercialism,

What is it about flowers that makes them so captivating?

Flowers are there for us at key moments in our life; from the birth of a new baby, a first date, a bridal bouquet, birthdays, a wedding anniversary and perhaps most important of all a funeral tribute.

They help us express our feelings and emotions for that occasion in a way that words cannot.

Choosing particular flowers that represent special ‘flower meanings’

can reinforce this. 

Did you know choosing a bunch of daffodils for Mother’s Day is said to bring good fortune to the recipient. As daffodils are a symbol of new beginnings they are also a popular choice as an Easter gift. 

Roses are very popular for bouquets, they have different meanings depending on their colour.  

Red roses are often given at Valentine’s Day and represent romance and love. 

White roses symbolise purity and harmony. They are popular flowers for wedding bouquets or a new home. 

My favourite flowers are sunflowers, they are symbolic of joy and happiness.  Their yellow colour and name ‘sun’ instantly transport you to hot summer days.

If you’re still not sure what flowers to give someone as a gift. I think sunflowers are the perfect flower to give to brighten someone’s day.🌼

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Daffodils by Spiral White


Heads bobbing about 

Yellow trumpets triumphant 

A host of golden…