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It’s #Easter almost!

Daffodils in woodland by Spiral White


A new beginning

Looking forward; don’t look back

See a better time…

It’s Easter and a time to celebrate new life and new beginnings; perhaps by reflecting on the events of the past year.

We will all have good and bad recollections of the year. 

But now that spring has arrived; a more positive feeling is here.

A symbol of spring and new life is the daffodil.  Seeing masses of daffodils stretching out into the distance whilst out walking through a park is truly inspiring.  Here are some of my photos from recent walks nearby. 

If you don’t live near a park, I’ve found a brilliant website with amazing virtual garden visits you can look at from the comfort of your armchair, whilst munching on your chocolate eggs!

It’s the National Garden Scheme they provide visitors access to private gardens in England and Wales and raise money for nursing and health charities with admission charges, tea and cake. Take a look at the following link for more details…

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Is it possible to stay positive and motivated?

bloom blooming blossom blur
Photo by Mike on

It’s difficult enough at the moment with Covid19, but when you have a long term condition like fibromyalgia it’s added stress. Especially if you suffer from constant pain on a daily basis.

My most FAQ as a fibromyalgia sufferer is….

‘Why am I in pain again and what will make me feel better?’

In truth there’s no quick fix. It’s going to vary quite a bit from person to person, what can help. How much pain I’m in has a huge impact on this.

“Personally I have found any form of distraction helps.” 

When my pain is very bad watching a film or tv program helps. Even though it is only for an hour or so; if I can be pain free just for an hour it’s really helpful. 

Listening to your favourite music, talking to friends or family via the phone, looking at photos and reading a gripping novel are all ways to distract the mind.

“Another way I motivate myself, particularly at the moment is to set myself small achievable challenges or goals.”

I recently set myself the challenge of growing my own plants from seed this year. I was lucky to be able to buy some seeds and compost, and get them delivered. After sorting out some old plant pots; I filled them with compost and sowed the seed. When my seeds germinated, I was able to watch them grow into mini plants. In a few weeks time, my carer will plant them in the garden.

It’s a great feeling to watch something you have sown yourself growing into a beautiful plant”

My carer set himself the challenge of cooking an authentic Italian meal with ingredients from a restaurant that had closed in the lockdown.  The result is a delicious meal.

“It could be time to try out a new hobby or something you have always wanted to but have never taken the time.”

I enjoy being creative, spending an hour working on making a simple greetings card or learning to paint using a new technique. Being absorbed by a hobby for me really lifts my spirits. Working on a project and seeing it through to completion is really exciting for me.

Even writing my blog is a great way to help put things into perspective sometimes. I’ve written a few emails and letters to friends recently and found it gets me thinking, and distracting the thought process.

Do you have any ideas on how to feel better you could share?

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It’s almost Easter…

bed of assorted color flowers
Photo by Jos van Ouwerkerk on

Easter this year is tinged with sadness for so many people affected in some way by Coronavirus. I’ve been spending more time at home than usual due to lockdown.

My garden has been my focus recently; it’s been looking very spring like. At Easter in previous years, I’ve gone to visit gardens to see all the spring bulbs and flowers in bloom. Spring is a popular time of year for gardens, just opened for the year. Now, government restrictions mean they are closed, with other attractions and businesses.

As an alternative to a usual visit, I came across a number of virtual tours, of popular tourist sites. Some sites have recently added special virtual tours. If you’re stuck for ideas for the Easter weekend; why not check some of these out and design your own virtual tour.

I did a virtual tour of Keukenhof gardens , Lisse, Netherlands. On one trip a few years ago I visited it along with other places in Amsterdam. The gardens are amazing to see, they are laid out with huge flower beds, full of beautiful tulips, hyacinths, daffodils, roses, carnations, irises, lilies and other spring flowers.

beautiful bloom blooming blossom
Photo by Pixabay on

The gardens are one of the largest in Europe and cover around 80 acres of land planted with 7 million bulbs.

Around this area near Lisse, are fields planted acre upon acre with tulip bulbs. These stretch into the distance with their striking, vibrant colours, making the Dutch bulb fields  a tourist attraction.

A very popular place to visit in Amsterdam is Anne Franks house. Her famous diary documents the years from 1942-44 in hiding; before she was captured and sent to the concentration camp, Bergen Belsen.
A virtual tour shows you around her house and the secret annex  where she went into hiding during the German occupation of the Netherlands during the Second World War.

It’s a humbling experience to see this virtual tour; particularly as our movements have been restricted so much.

yellow tulip flower field during daytime
Photo by Pixabay on

Easter is symbolic of new life, my poem this week looks ahead…


To the future

Out of the darkness

A sparkling light

Shines through

It points the way


From bleakness

To the future

Where our hopes

Are realised


Poem by Nick