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This week is different…

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For most reading this now your normal routine has been drastically affected by Coronavirus.

So far I’ve wanted to keep my blog free from the endless news about it.  But I don’t live on a desert island, although it’s appealing at the moment…

To all of my followers you’re all amazing people, thank you so much for all your likes and comments. You have helped me to find the confidence to write and find my voice and express myself.

I plan to keep writing my posts every week, but I hope you will understand if I miss any as other events may take over.

I’ve been looking back for inspiration to write my post this week, at the past year. I came across the  The Sunshine Blogger Award 🥇 post in May, last year.

Reading one of my answers to the questions; it sent a slight shiver down my back.

‘If you could change anything in the world, what would it be?’

My answer to this was:

’I would create a world kindness day and give everyone the day off. We would then have time to do something positive for others, stranger or not. Be it raising a smile, saying hello, or volunteering to help someone else.’

After reading so many reports in the media of food running out, people bulk buying, people fighting over toilet rolls and tins etc. The greed and selfishness of some is terrible to see.

Spare a thought for the doctors and nurses caring for us in hospitals; working a 48 hour shift. They are selflessly working to save lives right now.

We are all trying to cope and adapt to living at home with the fear of what’s happening and uncertainty about the future.
What will get us through this we may ask ourselves?
Every aspect of our lives is changing and in ways we never imagined before?

Finding kindness and compassion for others is the way forward from here. Take out the negative and replace it with positive action to help humanity.

If we all decided to do just one positive thing for others every day, it would make a huge difference to all our lives.

It could be ringing an elderly friend in social isolation, having a chat and checking they are OK.

Signing up to volunteer and help with online shopping for  vulnerable, elderly and self isolating people, via a call centre. 

I ask this because me and my carer were helped by some kind people this week; due to self isolation. Had it not been for them we wouldn’t have had any food for the next few weeks. Thank you to my kind friends for helping me out.

   In the difficult times ahead I hope you can stay safe, keep well and reach out to others if you are able.

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How do you stay positive and motivated with Fibromyalgia?

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It’s difficult when you have a long term condition like fibromyalgia. If you suffer from constant pain on a daily basis.

My most FAQ as a fibromyalgia sufferer is….

‘Why am I in pain again and what will make me feel better?’

In truth there’s no quick fix. It’s going to vary quite a bit from person to person what can help. 

“It could be time to try out a new hobby or something you have always wanted to but have never taken the time.”

I enjoy creating things as you all know in decoupage and crafts. Being absorbed by a hobby for me really lifts my spirits. Working on a project and seeing it through to completion is really exciting for me. 

Even writing my blog is a great way to help put things into perspective sometimes. 

“Personally I have found any form of distraction helps.” 

When my pain is very bad watching a film or tv program helps. Even though it is only for an hour or so; if I can be pain free just for an hour it’s really helpful. 

Listening to your favourite music, talking to friends or family, looking at photos and reading a gripping novel are all ways to distract the mind.

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I am lucky that I am able to work part time. I’ve found it helps me to some extent, as a distraction from pain. My job involves helping others and I find this is rewarding because it gives me a sense of purpose. I think if I did not work I would do some form of voluntary work, which involved helping others. 

Voluntary work is definitely worth considering if you are looking for a new challenge and it can be very rewarding.

It benefits both the worker and employer and lots of various roles exist. If you are disabled or housebound don’t rule it out because many roles exist for homeworkers.

A number of organisations can help you to find volunteer roles in the UK. 

The organisation Do-it offers lots of opportunities to volunteer, in areas nearby or from home.

What might you want to do?….

What’s your inspiration?…….