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Waiting with #breast cancer

Anyone who’s experienced cancer treatment, or is going through treatment at the moment will identify with the endless appointments and time spent waiting. It’s a lonely time, particularly with coronavirus.

I’m Waiting…

Waisting time


My life ticks


No book 📖 

No phone 📞 

No newspaper 📰 

To settle into

As coronavirus reigns

Boredom remains

🌷🌸 🌷🌸🌷

One hour

Or three


I’m feeling lucky


Two hours…

My legs feel dead

I’ve been sat so long

I’m past caring

The outcome,



I’m surrounded by


Flowery pictures;

🌷 🌷 

I feel smothered

By false kindness.

My name is called

Reality beckons me now

I have breast cancer 

Why is it


and flowery?

🌷 🌷 

Poem by Spiral white

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The Passing of Time

black and white photo of clocks

Photo by Amar Saleem on

When I saw this photo it gave me a flash of inspiration. A mass of clocks all ticking at the same time. I think, as you grow older time seems to fly by; you sometimes find yourself wondering where the time goes…


The Passing of Time


Tick, tock, tick, tock

Faster and faster

Time flies by

In days

Then months

Into years….


My head’s spinning

Where are we going?

Falling, further

And further…


It’s another new day

A baby cries

Longing for its milk

Placated by it’s bottle


Morning chorus singing

As a child murmurs

Teddy dangling from its hand

Questioning, all the time


Noonday sun shines bright

A school child plays

Dreaming of home time

But has no answers


In the heat of the afternoon

A teenager fashionista

Self consciously

Struggles to understand


In the fading sun

An adult works hard

Earning a daily living

Hoping to achieve


Darkness surrounds us now

As an old person reads

Looking for inspiration

What is it all for?


The tick, tock, tick, tock

Is it even faster and faster still….

Sadly, time

Slows for no one.

Poem by Nick