Diet and IBS


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Your diet is probably not something you have thought about much. You may even have assumed that because you buy and select all the food you eat, it can only be good for you. I worked on this assumption myself not imagining that it could possibly be making my illness worse.

After suffering for years with Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and never finding the root cause I was eventually referred by my GP to see a dietitian. The dietitian put me on a FODMAP exclusion diet which helped to identify what foods were upsetting me. Have a look on the IBS Network for more information about FODMAPs. After finding the food that had been contributing to prolonged bouts of illness. I have slowly introduced a balanced diet from the FODMAP exclusion diet. It was really important not to stay on the exclusion diet, otherwise I would become deficient in vitamins and minerals.

All the information I have provided on this page is purely my personal experience. If you are intending on trying any of this yourself, you should consult your doctor or health professional beforehand.

Using Ginger, Liquorice and Peppermint

I started using ginger in its various forms after a friend suggested it might help. (Amazingly enough before I really hated it). I found that ginger really did make a difference.  My stomach felt a lot better almost straight away and although I didn’t like the taste initially I have grown to like it. Ginger in its various forms from teas, to crystallised and ground ginger in recipes, has helped with my digestion, when I have a particularly bad episode.

Also Liquorice and Peppermint have been recognised as having similar therapeutic properties. Out of all three of these foods, I have ginger to help me the most.

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