Exercise for fibromyalgia

Exercise is a really important aspect of keeping as healthy as possible. When you have Fibromyalgia it is a daunting prospect. I have made a list of everything that has helped me that you could try.  The NHS live well  website has a lot of really helpful tips to get you active.


I found walking to be the most accessible and best for my circumstances.  Walking can help to boost your energy levels and enjoy nature.  If you suffer from low mood, walking on a regular basis is a good non medical therapy, to help feel more positive. If you are on a low-income, it’s no problem to try out as there is no sign up charges.

If you are new to walking it is best to start with 5 to 10 minutes at first and gradually increase this as your body gets used to the exercise. You will need to try out a pattern that suits you.  When you first start you may need to get some comfortable shoes and wrap up well with thermal layers on cold days.

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I found gentle exercise in a warm water pool can help. The water supports your body and has less impact on muscles and joints. Research has shown that lying in warm water helps the body to relax and lowers pain perception.

A therapist that specialises in hydrotherapy or a qualified physiotherapist that has a good understanding of fibromyalgia, can help you to work out some exercises. Your local sports centre or gym may have these facilities and let you have a couple of trial sessions.

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Pilates strengthens the body as a whole, the main aim is to improve core strength. Regular sessions can help to reduce the risk of injury by increasing flexibility.

I  developed my own tailored exercise routine, by trying out different exercises, from visits to a physiotherapy practitioner.

If you go for physio ask the practitioner for advice and help about what exercises are best for you. I practice these regularly once a day, for about ten minutes in total. Although, I had to work up to doing this amount gradually at first.

Sitting Exercises

If you have limited mobility, sitting exercises could be a better option than other ways of exercise. The NHS website has sitting exercises along with flexibility exercises that might be worth trying.


woman with red top and black shorts on purple yoga mat
Photo by bruce mars on Pexels.com


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