Meditation and Mindfulness


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Meditation is probably the most underestimated lifestyle choice. Not only for Fibromyalgia but many other conditions.

In short, it works by focusing the mind on a thought, item or activity. Through concentration, a mentally clear and emotionally calm state can be reached.

I found meditation to really help and would suggest having a look at Insight Timer and download the app. You can access a range of guided and unguided meditations on different themes for beginners to more advanced.
My favourite teachers on Insight Timer are Lama Yeshe Rabgye  and Vidyamala Burch .

I have also tried some of the courses. The best beginners course to try is ‘Learn how to meditate in seven days’ by Sarah Blondin

For Fibromyalgia sufferers try ‘Methods for living with pain and illness’ by Vidyamala Burch

Mindfulness is another form of meditation which is popular at the moment.  It is about focusing the mind in the present, rather than letting the mind jump from random thought to thought.  You may find this approach easier to work with.  The NHS website has has some more information about this technique.

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