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Rainbow 🌈

Light up the sky bright

Red yellow green blue

Full spectrum alight

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Impermanence of a Snowman ⛄️

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Impermanence of a Snowman


So fragile your smile 

So amazing the feeling 

So brief your moment


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Bear’s Christmas Tree Adventure 🧸

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I’ve always loved cuddly bears! This week I’ve written a poem for children about a toy bear called Bernie.

‘Jump up

Onto the box


What can 

You see there?


Towering above

Is a large 

Christmas tree

With sparkling 






Hangs from

A large branch


As he

Starts to

Climb down 




Bernie lands

Feet first

On the ground 

He’s clutching 

A silver star


It’s a

Magical star

from the

Top of the 

Christmas tree 

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Stars and more…

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#Paris is such an magical city at night. During lockdown I have been learning French.  It’s given me a new perspective for writing poetry.  I have also added an English translation below.

Étoiles dans le ciel nocturne

De l’obscurité

Un grain de lumière


Blanc éclatant

Capture vivement

Le clair de lune

Illuminer votre visage

C’est incroyable de

Témoin peut-être


Des années-lumière

S’étendant dans le


Pour l’éternité

Un spectacle magique

Regarder les étoiles

Dans le ciel nocturne

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Stars in the night sky

From darkness 

A speck of light

Shines out

Brilliant white

Vividly captures 

The moonlight 

Illuminating your face

It’s incredible to

Witness possibly 


Of light years 

Stretching into the


For eternity 

A magical sight

Watching Stars 

In the night sky